Satelline 1870E

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The SATELLINE-1870E radio modem provides a wireless transparent data link on the European licence-free 868…870 MHz frequency band. It is designed for tight integration into the userA?ai??i??ai???s terminal equipment and is particularly well suited for the transfer of data and control messages in medium range (1-10 km) applications. In accordance with the regulations on the use of the 869 MHz band, the maximum output power of the SATELLINE-1870E is 500 mW.
The SATELLINE-1870E operates in a transparent transfer mode, which ensures compatibility with most user systems and protocols. The settings of the radio modem can be changed from an external terminal in the programming mode or through auxiliary SL-commands during normal operation.

In case there is a need to extend the coverage of the radio modem network, SATELLINE-1870E modems can be used as repeater stations. By using the Store and Forward function, the radio modem buffers the received data and transmits it further using the same radio frequency as in the reception.

SATELLINE-1870E is an appropriate choice where price and range are important aspects. With its high output power, good sensitivity, small size and low power consumption, it meets both the technical and economical requirements set on wireless communications in a number of applications, including:

  • Remote meter reading (Gas, Electricity, Heat).
  • Remote control of water distribution
  • Remote control of irrigation systems
  • Environmental monitoring

Product order code: SATELLINE-1870E (YM4010)

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