Satel I-Link 100 Converter


The I-LINK 100 I/O converter is a member of SATELLINK product family. Together with SATELLINE radio modems it facilitates transparent transfer of contact information or analog signals from one location to another. In the Point-to-Point operating mode the connection is between two points.
The I-LINK 100 can also be used in a Point-to-Multipoint mode, for transfer of information between a Master station and several Slave stations.

Modular Design

The I-LINK 100 was designed with the latest technology in the field. It has 4 digital I/O ports with built-in relays and 2 analog I/O ports. For further capacity, extension modules, either of the same type (I-LINK 200) or equipped with 6 digital I/O ports (I-LINK 300), are available. A maximum of 3 extension modules can be added.
The dedicated I-LINK PC software for Multipoint operating mode facilitates easy system monitoring as well as configuring of the I-LINK 100 parameters to match the system requirements.

Modbus compatible version available too.